For me, the life of an object is something it tells to us through its form, or sound, or texture. Like the shape of the spiral winding us in or out, movement can exist in stillness. A piece of ceramic that twists like a knot coming undone, a bell that rings in a slight breeze, a gesture made by the cut of a garment.

With these movements, I choreograph a dance. It’s a dance about how spring comes out of winter, bringing dormant things to life.

Symbols - an egg, a seed - are bound in leather or macrame and worn as reminders. Sleeveless, backless, and abbreviated jackets allow for the motions of the body, which long extensions of fabric and fringe accentuate. And, conceiving of the human figure as an indivisible whole, garments are allowed to morph into each other.

With each cycle of death and rebirth we repeat these rites, and they keep us from getting lost.
photography Cécile Bortoletti
styling Samuel Drira
art direction Sybille Walter
hair Mayu Morimoto
makeup Asami Kawai
casting Chouaïb Arif
models Anouk (Girl) Lena (City)
photographer assistant Kaj
stylist assistant Jun Takeuchi